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Youth Soccer Leagues

7 v 7 Youth Leagues: Winter 2022/2023

2022 Winter 1 Youth Leagues 
Registration for Winter 1 Session is now CLOSED!

2022/2023 Winter 2 Youth Leagues 

Registration for Winter 2 Session is now CLOSED!
League Schedule_Winter 2.png
Important Info:
1- Upper Competition (ex upper division Club team)
2- Intermediate Competition (ex mid division Club team)
3- Lower Competition (ex lower division Club team, upper Rec team)
  • Please place in DASH notes any other team needs by Registration Deadline to help with scheduling.
  • Rosters and all fees are due by the first game. $100 deposit at Registration. 

Additional Information

-If a ball is kicked into the net above the field of play it will be called if hits the net with enough force to change the momentum/direction of the ball. The ball will be placed at the spot under where the it hit, for a free kick to the opposing team.

**For a full list of our rules and regulations click here!

To register your team a coach/manager will need to click the link above to create a DASH Login if you have not already. Once an account is created, click the "Registration" button at the top of the screen, then select your name, then click "Youth Indoor Soccer". Please then select "Register a Team", then "Yes" to being the manager. Click on "Winter Session (1,2 or 3)", then "Select". Click "Register a New Team" and input the Team Name and pay the deposit. 

Once a Team has been registered the Coach/Manager can add players via email through their DASH Profile. Login to DASH, select the team from the home page. Under the Team option there will be an "Invite" button.

For all players to register, parents must click the link below, create an account for themselves, then add their children. Once your child is added you can click "registration" and add them to their respective teams.

Your league fee ($600/$700/$900) depending on league:

  1. $100 deposit due when you register a team.

  2. 1st Game - Balance must be paid.

Need help?

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