Rules & Regulations

All players and guests are expected to conduct themselves with courtesy and respect at all times while at Cincy Sports Nation. CSN reserves the right to ask any guest or player to leave the facility if they are unable to comply with the standards set in place.



  • All players must be registered online before the first game of the session.

  • Teams must have rosters submitted before the first game of the session.

  • All leagues fees must be paid by the first game of the session.

  • NEW: We must have a minimum of 4 teams registered and paid in each division to play that division.

  • NEW: 7v7 adult league teams MUST have a minimum of 8 players registered and paid through the DASH portal to play.

  • NEW: 6v6 adult league teams MUST have a minimum of 7 players registered and paid through the DASH portal to play.

  • NEW: Adult league subs must be registered/paid members of other current teams OR must register and pay $8 per match prior to playing in that match.

3v3 Soccer Gameplay:


  • 3v3 games will be played in 25 minute games.

  • Games will be played with 3 field players.

  • Games will be on a continuous clock

  • Any ball that goes out of bounds will be played back in as a free kick. Defending team must be at least 3 yards away from any free-kick.

  • Substitutions can be made on the fly.

  • Goal Kicks can be taken from any place on the goal line.

  • Penalties shall be awarded if, in the referee’s opinion, a scoring opportunity was nullified by an infraction (the infraction does not automatically result in a red card). Penalty kicks are DIRECT kicks taken from the center of the mid-line with all players (on both teams) behind the mid-line. Penalty kicks are dead ball infractions. If a goal is not scored, the defense obtains possession with a goal kick.

  • In all dead-ball situations, defending players must stand at least 3 yards away from the ball. If the defensive player’s goal is closer than 3 yards, the ball shall be played 3 yards from the goal box in line with the direction of play prior to the penalty.

  • A team cannot score behind the midfield line.

  • There are no Goalkeepers in 3v3 Soccer, we don’t play with offside and no slide tackling is allowed. If a player is sliding for the ball, contact with any player(s) from the other team is NOT ALLOWED. If a player slides and contact is initiated, a free kick shall be awarded. This does not prevent players from sliding to stop/intercept a ball where contact is not initiated during the slide. Example: a player may slide to save a ball from going out-of-bounds.

  • There are no goalkeepers in 3v3. The goal box is approximately ten feet wide by six foot long located directly in front of the goal. There is no ball contact allowed within the goal box, however, all players may pass through the goal box as long as they do not touch the ball while in the box. If the ball comes to a rest in the goal box, or on the goal box line, a goal kick is awarded regardless of who touched the ball last. Any part of the ball or player’s body on the line or inside the plane of the box is considered in the goal box and an extension of such. If a defensive player touches the ball after it has entered the goal box, the plane of the goal box, or an extension of the goal box (such as any part of the ball or player’s body on the line or inside the plane of the box), a goal will be awarded to the offensive team. If an offensive player touches the ball after it has entered the goal box, the plane of the goal box, or an extension of the goal box (such as any part of the ball or player’s body on the line or inside the plane of the box), a goal kick will be awarded to the defensive team, and a goal will not be counted if scored. The plane of the goal box extends upward infinitely. The referee’s judgment call and ruling on the field will not be overturned.

  • A goal will be awarded if the ball strikes the netting portion of the goal, even if the ball is then returned back into the field of play without completely crossing the goal line. If the ball strikes the cross bar or goal posts, and simultaneously strikes the netting portion of the goal, the referee’s judgment will determine whether the netting prohibited the ball from crossing the goal line (which should be awarded a goal); or whether the bar or post prohibited the ball from crossing the goal line (which should NOT be awarded a goal). The referee’s judgment call and ruling on the field will not be overturned. In simple terms, the net should not be the source that will prohibit a shot from scoring as a goal.

Indoor Soccer Rules & Regulations

The rules and regulations at Cincy Sports Nation have been devised with simplicity, continuity, and enjoyment in mind. Apart from some necessary modifications, they are the same as FIFA rules used worldwide in outdoor soccer. The following exceptions apply:


  • Indoor games will be played in two, 22 minute halves with a 1 minute half time break.

  • Games will be on a continuous clock

  • Substitutions will be on the fly

  • Adult men’s leagues will be played 6v6

  • Adult women’s leagues will be played 7v7

  • Adult coed leagues will be played 7v7 (3 men, 3 women, and a goalie on the field at any given time)

  • High school boys and girls leagues will be played 7v7

  • High school coed leagues will be played 7v7 (3 boys, 3 girls, and a goalie on the field at any given time)

  • Youth leagues will be played 7v7



1. All players must register online or filled out our waiver release form before playing at CSN.


2. Participation in a CSN indoor league is entirely at the player’s risk, and we accept no responsibility for any direct or consequential loss, damage, or injury.


3. The minimum number of players to start a game is five (5). A team with insufficient players after five (5) minutes from the scheduled game time will forfeit the game. The referee, at his or her discretion, may allow additional time for players to arrive.


4. A team with insufficient players may pick up players registered at CSN as long as the opposing team allows.

  •  Any team fielding non-registered players without prior permission from CSN will be subject to forfeit.

  •  All players must wear regular soccer cleats, turf shoes, indoor shoes or sneakers. No metals cleats permitted.

5. Jewelry must be removed or wrapped prior to game.

6. Shin guards must be worn if you are under the age of 18.

7. In case of conflict of uniform color, the HOME team will be responsible for changing and/or wear pinnies.

8. Only team players and up to three (3) coaches are allowed on the player’s side during the games.

9. No spitting or chewing gum on the field of play.

10. Only water allowed on the field of play.


1. Yellow/Blue card equals a (2) minute penalty: A player is cautioned and shown a yellow or blue card and has to leave the field of play for two (2) minutes. The cautioned team will play down a player for the entire two (2) minutes or until the opposing team scores. If the opposing team scores - the cautioned team may put a player back on the field, but the individual given the card must serve the full 2 minute penalty. (This also includes players who may be cautioned while being a substitute, the captain will decide who serves the penalty)

The following offenses could incur a yellow/blue card:

  • Unsporting behavior:  Rough play or taunting (by word or action).

  • Dissent by word or action.

  • Persistent Infringements.

  • Delaying the restart of play / Failing to respect the required distance when restarting.​

2. Red Card/Five (5) minute penalty: A player or substitute who is sent off will leave the field of play and his/her team will play down a player for (5) five minutes, if she/he commits any of the following offences:

  • Serious foul play: Violent tackling, tackles from behind with no intention to play the ball, elbows.

  • Violent conduct: Fighting, provoking a fight, striking or hitting an opponent with or without an object, spitting at an opponent.

  • Denying the opposing team a goal or clear goal scoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball.

  • Denying the opposing team a goal or clear goal scoring opportunity by committing an offence that would warrant a free kick or penalty kick.

  • Receiving two (2) yellow cards.

* Red-carded players will be immediately removed from the game and not be allowed to play that night in any other league and players will be suspended for the next (2) two games. A player receiving two red cards will be suspended from the league and perhaps for the next league with the possible expulsion from the facility. Cincy Sports Nation reserves the right to suspend a person for as long as we deem appropriate.

* A player that receives two (2) red cards in a calendar year will result in a 10 game suspension for any league at CSN.


3. The home team will kick off the game.

4. On kick-off, the ball may be played forward or backward.

5. If the ball hits the nets surrounding the perimeter of the field, the opposing team will receive a kick from the spot when the ball first contacts the net.

6. HOUSE RULE – If the ball hits the net above the field and does not immediately change direction, the ball is still live.

7. If the net directly above the goal is hit by the defensive team. The offense will be awarded a corner kick from the corner spot.

8. All free kicks are direct except the kick-off. Penalty kicks resulting from a foul inside the goalkeepers box will be a penalty kick on the designated spot. Goalkeepers have 5 seconds to get the ball back into play, a goal kick can be played from the keepers box.

9. When a free kick or a kick-off is being taken, the defending team must be at least seven (7) yards from the ball.

10. When a free kick is taken, the player taking the kick may not touch the ball after it is kicked until another player touches the ball.

11. 2-Pointers. Any shot scored behind the two point line will count as two points. The ball may not touch another offensive player before going in.

12. 3-Line Rule. Any ball that is kicked and travels in the air over both 2-point lines as well as the midfield line without being touched by another player will be played as a free kick for the opposing team.

13. The offside rule is NOT in effect.

14. SLIDE TACKLING -  Youth and Adult Men's Open Leagues are allowed to slide.

15. Adult Coed, Women's Open and Men's over 30 leagues are not allowed to slide. Any slide in a coed or men's over 30 league will result in a direct free kick for the opposing team.

16. Goalie Pass Back Rule: If a team gains possession of the ball in their defensive quarter, the ball is allowed to be played back to the goalies hands. Once it leaves the defensive quarter, the goalie cannot pick up the ball with their hands until the opposing team gains possession. (Goalies also may bring the ball back into the goalie box and pick the ball up as long as the ball has not left the defensive quarter)

17. Free substitution is allowed on the fly, as the game is in progress. The player must be off the field before the substitute comes in. Infringements will result in a direct free kick in the middle of the field.

18. Mid-season additions to a teams roster must be approved by CSN management.

19. Forfeit games will be treated as a 4-0 win.

20.Goal-Deficit rule: When a team goes down by 5 goals, they are allowed to add an extra player on the field until the the game is back within a 5 goal differential.

21. Protests will not be allowed on a referee’s decision. NOTE: The referees at Cincy Sports Nation will do the very best they can. Due to the nature of the game, speed of the game, angles, etc., they will miss some calls. It is inevitable. They do not need any verbal or physical abuse from the players, coaches, or fans. If you have any concerns or comments please contact our management at 513-630-1276 or email

22. The referee’s will only stop the clock if s/he needs to have dialogue with a player on or off the field to obtain control of the game. The referee will not stop the clock for any injuries.

23. Coed teams must field two (2) female players and no more than three (3) male field players at a time. Infringement will mean that the team will play a player down per missing female, for the length of the game. Over 30s teams are only allowed two players under the age bracket and he must be within 5 years i.e. 25+ for 30s and has to be approved by the league director. No one Under 25 permitted in 30+ leagues.

24. Coed specific league: All free kicks on the offensive half must be taken my a girl.

Women's League Specific Rules:

NO SLIDING in Women's Leagues.

Men are allowed to play goalie in women's leagues.

  • Men cannot slide at any time

  • Men cannot initiate a tackle outside of the goalie box

  • Men cannot dribble the ball outside of their defensive quarter

  • Men cannot take free kicks other than goal-kicks

Team standings will be based on the following point system:

WIN: 3 points * TIE: 1 point * LOSS: 0 point

Ties in standing will be broken by:

1. Head to head results

2. Goal differential

3. Most goals scored

4. Least goals scored against

5. Most wins


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