Red Zone Flag Football

The League will start December 1st and run through the end of February (pending weather) 

This season we will be introducing Red Zone Flag Football for kids ages 7-12!


This is a 4 down league, playing 5 kids on a side. There will be a 15 minute practice and then a 40 minute game with equal possessions. The season will last 10 games, and cost $140 per kid. Your kids will have plenty opportunities to score, pass and defend during each game!

Red Zone Standings (as of 1/20)

Red Zone Rules

U-7 (5 and 6 year olds) Pee-Wee Ball Size - Under Armor
U-9 (7 and 8 year olds) Pee-Wee or Junior Ball Size - Under Armor*
U-12 (9, 10 and 11 year olds) Junior Ball Size - Under Armor 
*players choice 


Roster Size:
7-10 players - must be signed up, with release form and an assigned a number #1-12
5v5 on field of play

Season and Games:
10 game season from December to February
RedZone Over-Time style drives beginning at the 20 yard line
Play Time is 55 minutes (0-15 Minute Practice, 40-55 Minute running clock game)*
*coaches choice - 40 minute game is default rule without consensus
After the running game clock hits 0, teams must have an equal number of possessions if the score is within 8 points. Only give the equalizing drive if that team is NOT winning. 
4 downs to score
1 run per drive (no running by the QB)
No runs within 5 yards of the End Zone
Home team always defends first


Field Dimensions:
30 Yards long, 20 yards wide
5 yard deep End Zone - defensive End Zone line at the 30 yard line
20 yard line - offensive scrimmage to begin drive


Basic Rules:
No fumbles, play is dead at the spot of the fumble - offense keeps the ball
Interceptions can be returned to the defensive End Zone Line (30 yard line)
Home Team wears Blue - supplied #1-12 on roster, Away Team wears Green - supplied #1-12 on roster
If the offense fails to score, the defense gets the ball for their next possession on the 20 yard line (even if the defense returned an interception for a TD)
All players are eligible
One foot for completion
At least 1 player (center) must be on the scrimmage line at the snap
At anytime a team is within the 5 yard line, they may choose to move their scrimmage line back to the 5 yard line to allow a potential run play.
30 seconds to snap the ball once the ball is placed
A safety is awarded if a player is down or a fumble occurs outside the 30 yard line.
All conversions are from the 5 yard line. A run is 1 point, A pass is 2 points. Interceptions during a conversion can be returned for 2 points to the Defensive End Zone (30 yard line)
An offensive penalty during a conversion is no good. A defensive penalty during a conversion is good.
Games cannot end on a defensive penalty unless the offense declines it


Offensive Penalties:
Flag guarding/Charging - 5 yards - spot foul - loss of down
IIlegal Blocking - 5 yards from the line of scrimmage - loss of down
Illegal Motion/Formation, False Start - 5 yards from the line of scrimmage - replay down
First Delay of Game - 5 yards from the line of scrimmage - replay down
Second+ Delay of Game - 5 yards from the line of scrimmage - loss of down
Illegal Forward Pass/Runner or Offensive Pass Interference - 5 yards from the line of scrimmage - loss of down 
Defensive Penalties:
Defensive Pass Interference, Illegal Contact - 5 yards from the line of scrimmage - replay down
Defensive Delay of game - 5 yards from the line of scrimmage - replay down
Defensive Off Sides - 5 yards from the line of scrimmage -  continue play - replay down if accepted


Offense/Defense Penalties:
Too Many Men - 5 yards from the line of scrimmage - continue play - replay down if accepted by the offense - loss of down if accepted by defense 
Unsportsmanlike conduct - 5 yards - added to play
Penalties ruled - Flagrant (risky to health of any participant) or conduct detrimental to the game by the referee - could result in a disqualification for that participant at the referees discretion.
Use ½ the distance to the goal line rule at both ends


Team Name





Team Record (W-L)





Points For





Points Against





Red Zone Schedule-all games Sundays 1/2pm

Game One 12/15

Game Two 12/22

Game Three 12/29

Game Four 1/5

Game Five 1/12

Game Six 1/19

Tournament- Semifinals 1/26

Tournament- Finals 2/2

Gold vs Green (1pm)

14          12

Green vs Orange (1pm)

24            6

Orange vs Gold (1pm)

0                32

Red vs Orange (1pm)

0          8

Gold vs Red (1pm)

20          26

Red vs Green (1pm)

18         21

#3 Seed: Red


#2 Seed: Green


3rd Place Game (1pm)

#4 Seed: Orange


#1 Seed: Gold


Championship Game (2pm)

Orange vs Red (2pm)

8                32

Gold vs Red (2pm)

25          12

Green vs Red (2pm)

26            20

Green vs Gold (2pm)

2              12

Orange vs Green (2pm)

6                12

Gold vs Orange (2pm)

12          24

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