Adult Soccer Leagues

Standard Adult Leagues will be 8 Games $594 per team + $12 per game ref fee

Your league fee will be split into 2 payments. Of course, full payments are always welcome!

  1. $100 deposit due when you register a team

  2. 2nd Game - Balance must be paid before the game.


Cincy Sports Nation reserves the right to charge the credit card of the Coach/Manager of the team if payments are not made in a timely fashion.

Men's Leagues

Monday Men's 30+: TBA (8 Game Session)

Tuesday Men's Open: TBA (8 Game Session)

Women's League

Tuesday Women's Open: TBA (8 Game Session)

Coed Leagues

Wednesday Coed Open: TBA (8 Game Session)

Friday Coed Open: TBA (8 Game Session)

Sunday Coed Open: TBA (8 Game Session)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Indoor games will be played in two, 22 minute halves with a 1 minute half time break. The clock will run continuously (Refs may stop the clock at their own discretion).

  • Adult Men's League is 6v6, Adult Women's League is 7v7 (may have a male goalkeeper), Adult Coed is 7v7 (3 men, 3 women and a goalkeeper of either gender on the field).

  • "Open" Leagues mean players 18 years or older (players the age of 16 may play if the they have parents/relatives on the team). Leagues with specific age ranges are allowed 1 player on their roster beneath the indicate age, as long as they are within 3 years.

  • HOUSE RULE – If the ball hits the net above the field and does not immediately change direction, the ball is still live.

  • No jewelry is allowed to be worn while playing. You may wrap/cover to ensure no metal is showing.

  • In case of conflict of uniform color, the HOME team will be responsible for changing and/or wear pinnies.

  • All players must register online or filled out our waiver release form before playing at CSN. Participation in a CSN indoor league is entirely at the player’s risk, and we accept no responsibility for any direct or consequential loss, damage, or injury.

Interested in joining a league, but need a hand? Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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